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Greta Thunberg Has Moved The Needle

September 24, 2019

Greta Thunberg Has Moved The Needle

I am sitting in my studio in midtown Manhattan where my entire block is shut down because it is UN week and Trump is in town. His motorcade blocked off Madison Ave. today and made me twenty minutes late to my trainer appt. I did have the satisfaction of giving him the finger as he drove past. What a huge couple of weeks this has been for the world with the climate march last weekend and yesterday Greta's soul rocking speech at the UN. HOW DARE YOU! Pretty thrilling to see our young leaders taking up the challenge to save the planet, it is beyond inspiring.

This has led me to once again take a closer look at how I am impacting the earth with my jewelry practice. It is not as if the world really needs more jewelry, especially if it is harming the planet and the people who create the raw materials that I work with.

The best jewelry has meaning and tells a story. It is a celebration of personal power. I love women who buy jewelry for themselves in a gesture of self love. I still wear the ring that I bought myself, before my divorce, because it reminds me of my power to create change. Jewelry is a sentimental talisman with meaning and love, meant to be worn forever and passed down through generations.

I design my jewelry to reflect the beauty of nature. I want you to feel connected to the earth when you wear my jewelry. I do not want you to feel anxious about purchasing my jewelry wondering if I practice sustainability with my craft.

Fair Trade for Jewelry by Jane Bartel Jewelry

My jewelry is as sustainable as I can make it at the moment. I use recycled and Certified Fair Trade sterling silver and gold. Moving forward as I purchase new stones they will come from dealers that provide Certified Fair Trade and responsibly sourced stones. What does this mean?

  • 1. ensure country of origin.
  • 2. support local production through sales, and work on development projects and critical needs in the local communities.
  • 3. track our fair trade gemstones through the cutting process to ensure no worker is exploited or subjected to health hazards like Silicosis, which ultimately results in death.
  • 4. ensure full disclosure and clarity of any treatments performed on gems that travel under the “Fair Trade Gems®”.

The chain that I use is made in the United States by the oldest family run chain manufacturer in the country. It is not recycled but it is local.

Jane Bartel Jewelry supports the "Heal The Bay" foundation with a monthly donation. Heal The Bay supports the health of the Santa Monica Bay in California which is where I grew up going to the beach every summer.

This is my pledge to Greta to you and to our beautiful planet Earth.