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Aquamarine A Birthstone for Ocean Inspired Jewelry

Aquamarine Necklace
A Birthstone for Ocean Inspired Jewelry

Ah, March. A beautiful month. The telltale beginnings of spring are surfacing: little buds appearing on trees, the cold starting to recede. It's a wonderfully transformative period. Many people, like myself, poke their heads out of hibernation and head for the ocean, to feel the sun and sand and gaze at the water, eagerly anticipating warmer days. It's the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous gemstone Aquamarine, star of ocean inspired jewelry.


Textured ocean inspired aquamarine necklace with a small white diamond on an 18k gold chain by Jane Bartel

18k Gold Aquamarine Necklace with Ocean Inspired Texture

The March birthstone Aquamarine has a long history. It’s been the favored gem of seafarers since ancient times. Quite literally, it is ocean inspired. It’s very name comes from Ancient Roman Latin - ‘Aqua’ meaning ‘water’, and ‘Marina' meaning ‘of the ocean or sea’. With its beautiful seawater colors, it's no wonder Aquamarine was the favored gem to protect Roman sailors from the capricious ocean.

woman wearing a gold and Brazilian aquamarine with a side diamond designed by Jane Bartel Jewelry

The blue Aquamarine is lucky in that it can pair well with most colors, but it looks especially good in the rich yellows of 18k gold. The gold metal brings out the luscious depths of the ocean and imparts the fineness of a mermaid’s secret jewelry box, where Aquamarines were thought to come from.

 18k gold, diamond and Brazilian aquamarine handcrafted ring by Jane Bartel Jewelry

Brazilian Aquamarine with a Brilliant White Diamond Ring

In actuality, Aquamarines are found all over the world, but the finest often come from Brazil. Brazilian Aquamarines are coveted around the world for their depth of color and general eye-clean qualities. In fact, the world’s largest Aquamarine, the Dom Pedro, a whopping 3ft tall, 100lbs marvel in its rough state and 10,363ct cut obelisk, was mined from the famous Minas Gerais region of Brazil.

Caring for your Aquamarine is simple. It is 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale, so in general it holds up to daily wear well. If it gets a bit dirty, as always, a little gentle scrub with mild warm water and soap will get the job done.

xoxo Jane