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For women graced with petite hands and slender wrists, finding such a perfect fit, especially with bangles, can be akin to seeking a needle in a haystack. A standard-sized bangle that can't embrace the nuances of a smaller frame often slips off unnoticed. It is so depressing to lose a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I’ve asked our friends from the Ultimate Jewelry Guide" to write a guest blog about the differences of Synthetic and Natural Diamonds.

There is so much discussion about this topic in my jewelry world right now! Personally I only use natural diamonds in my work but I can imagine that might change over time.

 Anyway, enjoy the blog and pick up some great new knowledge about diamonds.

Now that the world is getting back to something resembling normal people are traveling again. I am beyond excited about this since pre-pandemic my husband and I loved to travel and I’m eager to get out of New York for a change of scenery. 

As I write this I have my first trip to Los Angeles planned to visit

Pearls are my newest love affair and I’m excited to have completed two new hand carved pieces using gorgeous grey, natural Tahitian pearls (see these below). Working with pearls piqued my interest and I set out to learn more about these natural works of art.
Ah, March. A beautiful month. The telltale beginnings of spring are surfacing: little buds appearing on trees, the cold starting to recede. It's a wonderfully transformative period. Many people, like myself, poke their heads out of
My mother’s jewelry boxes, one green leather, one oxblood leather sat on her mahogany dresser as enticing and mysterious as the back alley behind our apartment building. While my mother was at work and I had come home from school, let myself in with the hidden key,
Opals may just be one of my favorite stones on the planet. They feature such a riot of color, the best ones invoking the most coveted abstract paintings. It's true that no two stones are identical, but with opals you can
Gems don't typically get much more royal blue than a sapphire. It's usually the first blue stone that pops into my mind. We really should celebrate its diversity, though, because sapphire comes in practically every 
Kyanite is a stone most people aren't familiar with, and that's a shame, really, because it's quite a lovely one to add to your collection. Not to be confused with Kryptonite, Superman’s greatest weakness, the best Kyanite is a deep blue hue, reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea, 
Ah, rubies. The July birthstone, pinnacle of the color red. We actually get the word ruby from the Latin ruber, meaning red. I think, however, that ancient Sanskrit captures the essence of rubies far better. They were deemed ratnaraj - the king of precious stones.
It's summer, which for a lot of us means sand and surf. It also means a lot of hand sanitizer for all of us.
Now is a good time, then, to review some best practices to keep your jewelry bright and clean and safe while we keep ourselves safe.

I am inspired by many things. The warm glow of twilight illuminating the lovely facades on Madison Ave. just as the shop lights come on. The American Elms towering over my head in Central Park with the lightning bugs dancing just above