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Behind the Scenes

Welcome to my studio view in midtown Manhattan. I love my little slice of the sky and the reflections from the mirror buildings. I am also grateful for the elegant brick apartment building across the street because it softens the business vibe of midtown and I frequently watch the neighbors hanging out on the terrace! The best part of my studio is I am walking distance to the jewelry district where I have a team of artisans who work with me to complete my pieces.

Jane Bartel sorting gemstones in her studio in New York City


This is where the magic happens, my bench! I hand carve my original jewelry models from wax and then work with a dedicated group of craftsmen to cast my pieces, using the ancient method of lost wax casting, and then to set my stones and polish. Making jewelry that is meant to last a lifetime is time consuming and requires careful attention to detail. I work hard to ensure that you will be happy with the beauty, the quality and the responsible intentions of my jewelry.

Jane Bartel wax carving in the studio at Jane Bartel Jewelry

The business side of the studio at Jane Bartel Jewelry