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Sourcing Metals and Stones

My jewelry is as sustainable as I can make it at the moment. I use recycled and Certified Fair Trade sterling silver and gold. Moving forward as I purchase new stones they will come from dealers that provide Certified Fair Trade and responsibly sourced stones. What does this mean?

  • 1. ensure country of origin.
  • 2. support local production through sales, and work on development projects and critical needs in the local communities.
  • 3. track our fair trade gemstones through the cutting process to ensure no worker is exploited or subjected to health hazards like Silicosis, which ultimately results in death.
  • 4. ensure full disclosure and clarity of any treatments performed on gems that travel under the “Fair Trade Gems®”.

The chain that I use is made in the United States by the oldest family run chain manufacturer in the country. It is not recycled but it is local.

I am a proud member of "The Ethical Metalsmiths" group as well as "WJA" which is the Women in Jewelry Association. 

Jane Bartel Jewelry supports the "Heal The Bay" foundation with a monthly donation. Heal The Bay supports the health of the Santa Monica Bay in California which is where I grew up going to the beach every summer. I love the ocean very much.