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Welcome To My New Blog

Here you can explore my new collections, take a sneak peek into the studio and learn more about what inspires me and my creative process.

Right now I am in my studio in New York City watching the rain come down in buckets (some great thunder and lightning too). This is the week or two when all of the artisans and workers in the jewelry district go on their holiday so that when they return they are refreshed and ready for the crazy holiday season production.

I think that it is a nice break for me and other jewelry designers. It gives me a little extra time to work on new designs and production models. My vacation will come in late August when my husband and I are traveling to Croatia and Florence. Very excited since I have never been to Croatia and it's been ages since we've been to Italy.

I hope that you will come back to visit me here and I am always posting on Instagram and Pinterest @janebarteljewelry. Cheers!

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