Welcome to Jane Bartel Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Designer Jane BartelJane has been creating fine jewelry for the past ten years, originally working in Los Angeles and now in New York. Growing up on the west side of LA Jane spent hours taking the bus to the beach and combing the sand. Her love of the ocean was set and she nearly became a marine biologist. Design and art won the day and Jane was the owner and creative director of a boutique graphic design studio for over twenty years in Los Angeles. Her deep discipline in design translates directly to her jewelry practice.

Jane began with beads and wire, gradually transitioning to metalwork and sophisticated wax carving. Her passion now is carving wax models to be cast using the artisan "lost wax" casting method. She creates organic and sculptural pieces, sourcing gemstones that are inspired by her love of the ocean and nature.

Jane is currently working out of her studio in New York City, and selling her work to private clients and through her online shop.