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I live in New York but I dream in Anguilla

I Live in New York but I Dream
in Anguilla

As someone who grew up on the westside of Los Angeles and has relocated permanently to New York I must say that this has been a particularly cold winter so far. This is my third "full time winter" meaning that I have not yet managed to escape this year to a warm, cozy island or even pop back into LA. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love New York, it's just crazy cold sometimes. Crazy is a good word to use because the weather is jumping from -7 to 56 next week, how do you plan for that? My skin is screaming at me. My hair is on high alert for professional services, how many clothing layers do I need?

Studio view from Bianca Lopez studio in Soho

Fortunately for me, I live within walking distance of the jewelry district where all of my treasured, skilled, craftspeople work. This is truly a blessing. I walk ten blocks to my favorite caster Daniel, eight blocks to Nazar and Milton and Robert's, six blocks to my photographer and RGems and Gemorex. My favorite people are within reach without completely freezing. Never mind you can only see my eyes through the scarf wrapped tightly around my head.

But I digress. I am dying to get my pale self (and my lovely husband) to an island, to Maui to Anguilla to St. Barts, to the warm sun and the hot sand and the blue water and the tropical beverages. Rum Punch please! So much of my jewelry has been informed and inspired and literally created through my love of the ocean and the visceral connection that I have to water and ocean creatures and the beauty of nature at the edge of the land. I meditate with Andy through Headspace to activate that part of my brain that NEEDS to be on island time. I am channeling the islands.


14k Gold Surf Inspired Pendant Necklace

I have many new pieces in the studio that are being brought to life. Bracelets that are all about the sea and sea urchins. Earrings inspired by fish bones. Some new pieces are already up in the shop, gold spiral earrings with diamonds that look like the inside of a seashell, star pendants inspired by the starry sky over the ocean.

See you later!